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Key Differentiators

Blue Horseshoe's healthcare IT resources and services are second to none.

Here are just a few of the qualities that differentiate Blue Horseshoe, and the value each will provide to you.

Blue Horseshoe is a staffing firm ...
  Consulting firms provide strategic advice - they charge higher rates, and there are good reasons those rates are higher. Staffing firms provide resources you manage, based on skill requirements that you define. If you're a prospective Blue Horseshoe client, then there's a very good chance that you are currently paying consulting rates for staffing services. You should stop that, right now. Blue Horseshoe provides exceptional staffing services, and we charge staffing firm rates, not consulting rates, for those services.
Blue Horseshoe takes the greatest  possible advantage of all available technologies.
  We apply technologies and processes that 1) are quite new, and 2) are not being used by any other firm in the market. These proprietary systems and processes make Blue Horseshoe a great deal faster and a great deal more efficient than any of its competitors. Blue Horseshoe will source more qualified resources to meet your needs, faster than any other firm. And we will do it at pricing that translates to greater value for your organization.
Blue Horseshoe is fanatical about capturing the entire universe of independent consulting talent ...
  What if your contract position or project opportunity could be effectively presented to every qualified resource that's out there? That is precisely our goal. Where a typical competitor would source for a position by contacting 20-35 candidates, Blue Horseshoe will contact hundreds of pre-screened, fully qualified candidates. This drives differences in the results that are nothing short of startling - faster answers, more options.

Blue Horseshoe is a staffing firm that has taken the science of staffing a few levels beyond the other firms in the market:

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We extend our reach to the entire market.
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We apply the optimal technologies and processes to drive impressive efficiencies.
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We produce impressive results for our clients at a price point that represents exceptional value.

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